Ed Levin: Jewelry Details

Details about metals, stones, and sizing.

metals abbreviations
SS - Sterling Silver ;   SS & 14K - Two Tone;
SS/14K - A thick layer of gold over a sterling silver core;
14K - 14k Yellow Gold ;   14k WH - 14k White Gold;

Prices subject to change due to fluctuating gold market.

stone abbreviations
fw pearl - Freshwater Pearl ;   c pearl - Cultured Pearl;
rho gharnet - Rhodolite Garnet ;   f stone - Faceted Stone;

Expandable Bracelet Sizing
Earring Size Chart
Ring Sizing

sizing abbreviations
lsm - ladies' small ;   lmd - ladies' medium;
llg - ladies' large ;   msm - mens' small;
mmd - mens' medium ;   mlg - mens' large;

Examples of different stones.

Blue Topaz blue topaz
Faceted Amethyst f. amethyst
Faceted Black Onyx f. black onyx
Faceted Garnet f. garnet
Faceted Peridot f. peridot
Rhodolite Garnet rho. garnet
Aqua Chalcedony aqua chalcedony
Amethyst amethyst
Botswana Agate botswana agate
Amazonite amazonite
Aventurine aventurine
Black Onyx black onyx
Blue Lace Agate bl. lace agate
Carnelian carnelian
Coral coral
Garnet garnet
Lapis lapis
Sunstone sunstone
Turquoise turquoise
Moissanite moissanite
Black Pearl black pearl
Fresh Water Pearl fw pearl
Pearl pearl

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